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The kids

The kids

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Strawberry’s First Haircut

Strawberry will be 4 in late September and had never had a haircut. She was born with a HUGE amount of hair and it grew and grew and grew…

July  2013 008July  2013 009

When brushed out, it was past her waist and elbows. It truly was beautiful when it was brushed but it had reached the point where the ends tangled very easily. A couple of days ago, I saw to Strawberry I needed to brush her hair or else we needed to trim her hair. She smiled and said, “OK.” I thought she went to get the brush. Instead, she came back with the scissors. She wanted her hair trimmed.

July  2013 012

 July  2013 015 July  2013 014

I love that a friend who is a beautician taught me to cut my girl’s hair. Not to be outdone, Pumpkin Pie consented to a trim. Her hair was past her waist to her bum. It was so long that I was beginning to insist on the eternal braid. We were done in a few minutes and off to play at the park. July  2013 024(That brush is about 4 inches wide and the top edge is about at her waist.)July  2013 025July  2013 028  

Even after her trim her braid still comes to her waist!July  2013 030

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