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The kids

The kids

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gates, Doors, and Boxes- Welcome to 11 months

Little One is now 11 months old. He has 4 little teeth and is starting to enjoy frozen peas, potato chunks, avocado chunks, tomato chunks, beans, apple pieces, red peppers, and he loves some mango kale applesauce squeezers from Costco.February 2014_0109February 2014_0106Little One should have a different name- Busy One! He is BUSY. He has been walking now for a month and a half and is quite steady now, although he does tend to bonk his head frequently still. Usually because he tries to stand up under a table or something. He is also extremely curious and loves to open doors, cupboards, drawers, boxes, and anything else he can get into. He will dump the contents of any container given the chance.

He also likes to explore and frequently will be doing something near me and then wander into another room. TROUBLE. I have taken to closing doors, barricading certain areas of the house, and I created a fence across one room to contain him at least part time while we are downstairs. The worst problem we have is when children don’t close the bathroom door… He hates bath time but finds the toilet incredibly fascinating and will play in it any chance he gets… Sad smile

February 2014_0105

When we get our produce box each week, he attempts to unpack it for me. Usually he ends up grasping some oranges and sucking on them!


Little One loves to grab glasses too. IMG_0981

He is so full of grins and makes everyone smile. He is still struggling to sleep sometimes. He is doing better than he was though. I am trying to figure out if it is a food sensitivity.

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