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The kids

The kids

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amazing Gingerbread Houses

B has the week between Christmas and New Years off every year. We love to take advantage of that time and go on adventures, see new things where we live, and play. This year was no exception. We went down to a local hotel where an incredible display of gingerbread houses is presented each year. They are built by local architecture firms. The children had so much fun figuring out what kind of treats and looking for tiny details. One in particular had a tribute to at least a dozen Grimm’s Fairy Tales. They had quite a lot of fun looking for all the stories.

Dec 2012 136  Dec 2012 137  

The turrets of Aladdin's castle were made of blown sugar.  Dec 2012 146Dec 2012 140   Dec 2012 174Dec 2012 159  Dec 2012 147  I love the detail of the mosaic floor. This could not be seen by most people- only the very tallest visitors to the display, and those who put their camera up high!

Dec 2012 149 

Beauty and the Beast’s Castle changed from light to dark Dec 2012 154Dec 2012 151Dec 2012 150 Dec 2012 152 

Grimm’s Fairy Tales had lots of lighted features.  Dec 2012 155  Dec 2012 157 Dec 2012 158Dec 2012 142 Dec 2012 162 Dec 2012 163  

Of course, what is a fairytale display without Alice in Wonderland!Dec 2012 166 Dec 2012 167 Dec 2012 168 Dec 2012 169Dec 2012 171Dec 2012 170Dec 2012 172

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