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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disney Adventures

We had so much fun at Disneyland with my sister and her family. A few highlights were being the Guests of the Day, having a personal tour guide thanks to my dad’s good friend Steve. Steve works at Disneyland and was an awesome tour guide, and watching my kids faces light up.

First day at Disneyland. The kids didn’t know what to think but they loved the pumpkin decorations!

October 2013 244 October 2013 245

Poor Strawberry was just a little too short for several rides that her siblings and cousins (one a year younger than her) could go on. She was a trooper though. She loved the rockets and especially Winnie the Pooh rides. She also enjoyed hugging characters. October 2013 249

This was the highlight of her trip- Mickey kissing her on the head!October 2013 319

Little One spent the whole trip strapped to someone or in the stroller.October 2013 253  

The second day we were there, we arrived at the parking garage and were told we were the guests of the day! We were then escorted to the very best parking spot in the whole lot- right next to the tram. Everyone was given honorary citizen buttons. October 2013 316 October 2013 314  Here is Butterfly sporting her special buttons. After getting into the park, it was time for California Adventure. In my opinion, California Adventure was ok. Some parts I really liked, but overall, I felt it was most appropriate for older kids and those who love high thrills rides. Pumpkin Pie loved this roller coaster- California Scream. It was her highlight. Thanks to my brother in law for taking her on it! October 2013 358 October 2013 357

It was awesome to see Tiger and Pumpkin Pie hold hands and race off to a thrilling ride like Splash Mountain together. You see, I don’t do rides that include drops in them… but those two love them. I think Pumpkin Pie likes them even more than Tiger since she loved the California Scream and Tiger only liked it.

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