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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Freezing Bubbles

A few months ago someone posted a really cool picture of frozen bubbles. The story was that a mom grabbed her son and blew bubbles outside in below freezing weather. The bubbles froze and look what happened next. The pictures were beautiful. I wondered if it were possible to duplicate so the girls and I headed outside to try it out. It was 32 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like the teens. It was COLD and we only lasted about 2 minutes in the driveway before cold forced us inside again- that and our bubbles didn’t freeze…yet.photophoto

At first, the bubbles just behaved the same. We were so cold we ran back inside, but we decided to leave the solution on the porch to chill it, since it had been a balmy 68 degrees inside. A few hours later, I went out to try again. Unfortunately, it was already dark outside and my camera has gone AWOL, so I was only able to capture some iPod pictures. Sorry about the quality, but it sure was fun to do this! The bubbles did indeed begin to freeze. We watched crystals form inside the solution. Way cool. Then, we watched the bubbles shrink slightly as they cooled. We also watched them solidify and crack, even leaving a hard shell with a large hole on top. When we blew them, the frozen popped bubble pieces looked like floating clear pieces of rigid plastic wrap or maybe clear egg shells! I am going to keep looking for that camera and hopefully try this again in the morning with the girls. This bubble had frozen and popped. It truly was angular!


This picture is of the ice crystals forming. When I held the bubble up to the light, I could see ice patterns like snowflakes forming one by one in the bubble wall. It was neat to watch the bubbles freeze and then watch them unfreeze as I walked inside the house with them.


Butterfly tried to provide a background so the popped missing top of this bubble could be seen. photo

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