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The kids

The kids

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ten Girls from History- Schoolhouse Review


When I select literature and historical books to read to my children, I always keep in mind what values are being taught in the works. I also like to keep in mind that great stories have the power to inspire people to strive to be better. Most of history concerns the wars and politics of men and until recent history, the deeds of women are not as commonly written about. I have three daughters and I want my girls to grow up knowing that there have been women throughout history who have stood up for what they believe in and accomplished great things. I am always on the lookout for stories of great women who made a difference in the world not because they were screaming and yelling or crying foul but because they got up and worked hard and had strong moral character. When I was presented the opportunity to review Ten Girls from History from Golden Prairie Press, I was thrilled. What could be better than a book about women of strong conviction who made a difference?

Ten Girls from History is a collection of short dramatizations of the lives of the following historical figures:
Louisa May Alcott: Author of Little Women
Clara Barton: The Angel of the Battlefield
Molly Pitcher: The Brave Gunner of the Battle of Monmouth
Cofachiqui: An Indian Princess
Madeleine De Vercheres: The Heroine of Castle Dangerous
Dorothy Quincy: A Girl of the American Revolution
Ida Lewis: The Heroine of Lime Rock Lighthouse
Elizabeth Van Lew: The Girl who Risked all for the Union
Virginia Reed: Midnight Heroine of the Plains
Clara Morris: The Girl who Won Fame as an Actress

Originally published in 1912 by Kate Dickinson Sweetser, Amy Puetz has edited out some of the sensuality and and romance from the original work and has republished this work for girls ages 10 and up. Ten Girls from History is available in pdf, epub, mobi, audiobook, and paperback book. The printed book and pdf version contain pictures while the epub and mobi versions do not.

I have really enjoyed reading these stories to myself. I have found that some of the stories are very inspiring, like the story of Molly Pitcher or Elizabeth Van Lew.  Others, like Cofachiqui were not as exciting and inspiring to me. Some showed amazing courage, effort, and bravery and others were just ok. I planned to read this out loud to my children, but I found that many of the stories were a little advanced for them, even as a read aloud. They were advanced because they are meaty in the history of the time.  We have not yet covered most of the time periods covered in these stories so they would not have made very much sense to my children. As a result, I think these stories will be a really great supplement to pull out when we reach the various eras of history in the stories.

I did read the story of Cofachiqui to the children and all of them enjoyed the story. The story of Cofachiqui was new to all of us, so after I read the story, I had to go on my computer to pull up the pdf version to show a picture. I wish the epub and mobi versions contained pictures of the characters as well. With historical characters, I think seeing a picture of the person helps to cement who the person is in the mind of the reader (or listener) and further brings her to life.

Ten Girls from History is available for $15 for the ebook or $25 for the audiobook or paperback book. Through the end of August, all versions are on sale for 20% off ($12 for ebook, $20 for paperback or audiobooks).

I found Ten Girls from History to be valuable for my own education and I look forward to sharing more of the stories with my children as we approach the revolutionary war, civil war, and other time periods these girls lived in.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed several books published by Golden Prairie Press so be sure to click the banner to read more reviews of Ten Girls from History as well as reviews on the other books like Heroines of the Past Bible study, Costumes with Character, and Uncover Exciting History.
Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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