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The kids

The kids

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still Here and Not Back to School

Lately I haven't posted much except for reviews. Bad homeschool mommy! I have an excuse though. I am expecting baby #5 and I was really sick with morning sickness... so there were no updates in my fingers. But, I am past the sick part so now I can think a little again. So... here are a few pictures. First, our annual Not Back to School Pictures. The kids like to get dressed, don backpacks and shoes, take pictures and then run back inside. Sadly someone set my camera to low resolution so they are only good to post on my blog. :( Oh well. Such is life right :)
2012-09-10 08.18.11
Tiger is 10.5 now
2012-09-10 08.19.40
Butterfly (wearing her butterfly shirt) is 8.75
2012-09-10 08.20.15
Pumpkin Pie is 6
2012-09-10 08.18.50
Strawberry is 3 weeks shy of 3 and dressed herself.
2012-09-10 08.21.36
All 4 together
2012-09-10 08.22.07
2012-09-10 08.22.23  Beating down the door to return home for school :)

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  1. So glad you are feeling better and past that icky part! The kids are much bigger than I remember of course, and they look so happy too. :)