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The kids

The kids

Friday, November 9, 2012

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

In past years I have always continued to plug along with whatever curriculum we were using prior to the holidays. Generally our outside classes dwindle about two weeks before Christmas and that leaves us with some more time for crafting, playing, and getting ready for the holiday.

This year I think I will do things a bit differently. We are finishing up Day Spring Pilgrim Story and will hopefully finish it by about Thanksgiving. We plan to take Thursday and Friday off from our regular school activities because we have traditions to carry on. Then I want to use Homeschool Legacy’s Christmas unit. The Early Settlers one I reviewed was so well done I think that the Christmas one will be very nice. I also plan to do some Christmas around the world during our family learning time. I anticipate that we will take the last two weeks of December off of our regular schedule and then return the first week of January to our regularly scheduled programming… The real question then becomes what will I do in January when Day Spring is done? Probably This Week in History.

What are your plans?


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