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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How do you Homeschool when life throws a curve?

Every homeschooler has something come up in life. It may be a severe crisis or it might just be illness that interrupts the daily routine. During these crises, the best way I have found to keep schooling is to have already established a good foundational routine. For our family that means family work, devotional, and then learning time. Generally part of learning time will include group time with at least an hour or two of exploration together. In a crisis or upheaval, this may be more time than we can dedicate to that group time. It is during those times that we pair down.

School will not look normal during a crisis. This is ok. Because we have a view that school is an everyday, all day thing, we will pick up the extra learning time somewhere else- maybe a museum trip during a vacation we go on, maybe it will be during dinner, maybe even a lesson in the car. I have found that the most important part of homeschooling in a crisis is to determine what are the necessities that must be accomplished, focus on those, and then whatever else is done is just bonus.

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