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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Lights!

Our house had some very ugly impractical lighting when we bought it. After the fluorescent tube lights died, we ripped out the boxes and started to replace the lights in the kitchen. The pendant lights above the peninsula has take a while to get done but finally it is finished! All the kids did a little bit, but most of the work was done by B and Tiger.

After clearing the counter and taping everything, B drilled a hole in the ceiling.

Strawberry was mesmerized. July  2013 064 July  2013 066July  2013 085    July  2013 073

In order to move the wiring, several holes needed to be drilled in the 2x6s. Tiger worked on that. The drill bit was inferior quality and wasn’t working right, so they used a ratchet to drill it! July  2013 074    

After drilling holes, they fished the line through the holes with the help of some rare earth magnets and string. B guided Tiger’s blind hand to connect the washer on the end of the rope to the magnet he was holding…July  2013 079  


July  2013 081Next step is the read directions… unfortunately, the directions said to hire a qualified “electercian”  to install the lights and gave no further details.July  2013 082 July  2013 083 

Lights installed, happy kids.

July  2013 088 July  2013 089

Thanks everyone for lighting my peninsula. I love it!

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