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The kids

The kids

Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas- Or Santa has a Sense of Humor

We had a lovely Christmas with B’s brother here. Like all our Christmases, it was quiet and peaceful and leisurely- just the way we like it.

Strawberry woke up first at about 6:45 which is only a little early for her and proclaimed, as usual, that it was morning time. Then she proceeded to try to wake her sisters. B went into the girls’ room and found her sitting on her sister telling her to wake up. Pumpkin Pie, who is my sleeper, told B that Strawberry was trying to wake her up and she was trying to go back to sleep! After everyone was awake and mommy dressed, the kids went and woke their uncle, whom they call Quack. Once everyone was awake, the children gathered on the stairs ready to go down. In past years, I have presented them with jammies, but this year they were blessed with beautiful nightgowns and jammie pants made by their grandma Jo. The pattern used for the nightgowns is an adaptation of the Victoria Jones Collection pattern here. My girls love the nightgowns so much, it is hard to get them dressed!

Dec 2012 088

We opened our stockings, then ate breakfast, and then opened Santa gifts. My kids usually play with most things at least a little before opening another present.

This year, Santa had a little fun with Tiger. Tiger is an excellent speller and almost never makes mistakes. This year, while we were doing our Christmas comes to America unit, he wrote a letter to Santa requesting a “Kindle Paperweight.” I have a friend whose husband is a glass maker. When I told her about his mistake, she volunteered her husband to make Tiger a paperweight… Santa wrapped up the paperweight and labeled it #1. He left a note, with a copy of the letter to Santa, saying, “Since you requested a paperweight, I did not wish to disappoint…”  Dec 2012 118

Here Tiger is reading the note and telling us, “You! You twisted my words!” ;)

Santa then had package number 2 with a note that said, “In case a paperweight wasn’t quite what you had in mind, here is a Kindle.” Tiger loves the Kindle and has been very happy to read even more classic books.

Dec 2012 120

In the afternoon, my kids helped walk Quack’s dog. It was rather miraculous that Tiger volunteered to hold the leash. He is very afraid of dogs. He also helped Strawberry hold the leash. She too is a bit afraid of dogs. She likes to look at them, but from a safe distance. 

Dec 2012 127

Quack and the kids before he left.Dec 2012 130

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