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The kids

The kids

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Right of Passage- Crossing into Boy Scouts

We had our annual Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts this past week. In many troops, Webelos cross over into boy scouts at Blue and Gold because they follow the school year calendar and it seems to be a good time. In our pack, boys don’t cross over until the pack meeting just before they are 11 years old. Tiger will be 11 next week so it was his turn. It was his last Blue and Gold too.

The Webelos performed a couple of skits together for part of our evening’s entertainment.      Feb 2013 176Feb 2013 178Feb 2013 181             

Then after the skits, it was awards time. I mentioned before that Tiger had a goal of earning the Super Achiever Award for Webelos. He did it! As he leaves cub scouts, he leaves very decorated- 7 arrow points for both Wolf and Bear, an entire belt full of belt loops, and his Webelos colors sporting every single activity pin possible to earn in Webelos. Some might think I pushed him or because he was homeschooled he was able to do this. Those assumptions diminish his accomplishments. I never pushed him- these were his goals he set for himself, worked hard, asked for help when needed, and achieved. He did his scout work during hours when other boys would be at home too and not during learning time. He earned every award he received and I am proud of him.

Then he was welcomed into boy scouts.

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