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The kids

The kids

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Adventures to Remember- Broken Windows

Every young boy needs a broken window story, right?

Well, Tiger has his…brokenglass 002

That is my sliding glass door. Tiger was weed whacking the weeds outside in the direction of the house and a rock flew up and shattered the glass.

Next step- get the glass out of the window and clean up the mess.

  brokenglass 005 brokenglass 006  brokenglass 008

After scrapping all the glass into the bag, they dumped it into the trash and then vacuumed up the rest of the glass with the shopvac. brokenglass 003brokenglass 009 brokenglass 010   (The “crack” on the interior glass is actually window marker and not cracked.)

Lessons learned:

Face 180 degrees away from windows when weed whacking.

Tempered glass will continue to break and crack even 20 minutes after it cracks.

Cleaning up messes is no fun.

Broken windows are expensive (we are making Tiger pay for 10% of the replacement).

Dad still loves me and even helped me clean up my mess.

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