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The kids

The kids

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birthday Fun

Pumpkin Pie wanted to take her cousins and do something fun. They had been to a local family fun center as a family reward and couldn’t wait to go back so they began informing her of all the benefits of going. LOL Pumpkin Pie wanted to go. Since it was really hot outside and we would have 2 three year olds in tow, we decided that mini golf wasn’t going to be too fun. The bigger kids decided on bumper boats. July Utah 2013 152 July Utah 2013 154

The littler kids were too short for bumper boats, so they opted for mini bumper cars.

 July Utah 2013 156 July Utah 2013 163 Both Strawberry and my nephew were too little to push a button and steer at the same time… so the attendant had to keep running out and getting them unstuck and going again.

On the bumper boats, the kids were allowed about five minutes to play. For $5.50 a piece, that was ridiculous and they were disappointed that they had to get out. My sister and I decided that we would spring for $10 in tokens (about 8 tokens per person) so they could play a couple games in the arcade. That was a better value for our money for sure. The kids had a ton of fun. July Utah 2013 168July Utah 2013 179

Butterfly figured out that if she competed against her brother she could get more tickets… so she offered him a token to play on the other side of the board with the caveat that she got all the tickets that were produced!July Utah 2013 186

I loved that Butterfly helped Strawberry with the ducks.July Utah 2013 171 July Utah 2013 172

For dinner we went to Pumpkin Pie’s choice- Cafe Rio. I think that even though Daddy was back at home and not with us, Pumpkin Pie had a great birthday.

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