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The kids

The kids

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fundanoodle Workbooks- Schoolhouse Review

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Strawberry never gets a review all to herself- until now! Usually she gets to join in a little with her older sibling’s schoolwork and projects but I never review stuff just for her. Recently I was offered several workbooks from Fundanoodle. Fundanoodle is the education readiness division of Carolina Pad. They have workbooks and learning activities for children ages 3-2nd grade. I received 3 products from their orange line. The orange line is designed for Age 3+/Preschool. The three books I received are I Can Cut and I Can Do Math Level 1 and Max & Alphie's Adventure Level 1.
All three books are spiral bound across the top with perforated pages to tear out one page at a time if desired. They are also cardboard backed so children can easily use them on the floor if desired. The drawings are cute and age appropriate. The cartoon drawings are not bug-eyed or reminiscent of anime, but are age-appropriate- a huge plus in my book. I also liked that the illustrations were simple and large enough for preschool children to color.
photo photo icandomathlevel1_zps54dddca9.jpgWhen I showed Strawberry her very own learning materials for during learning time, she was so excited. She couldn’t wait to get started. She decided to do them completely and then do the next book completely. She started with the math book. I Can Do Math Level 1 costs $5.99 and contains 40 9x12 pages which cover counting to 10, comparing groups of objects to determine which has more or less, and shapes. Each page has a cute illustration and simple instruction like “Count 2 fish. Draw bubbles above the fish. The last couple of pages are pages of stickers to add to the completed page that say “I did it.” My daughter discovered that most of them have a picture that will coordinate with the activity of a given page. She loved that!           photophoto
 photo maxandalphie1_zpsaf0187ba.jpgMax & Alphie's Adventure Level 1 costs $5.99. Strawberry did the entire book in an afternoon. Max & Alphie’s Adventure includes mazes, connect the dots, coloring, and hidden objects. Like the Math book, the drawings were large and simple with cute animals and Max the little boy. Strawberry kept asking Pumpkin Pie for help so I hardly got a chance to see her do it. She proudly brought it to me FINISHED! She loved it.
 photo icancut_zps305fb4e3.jpg I Can Cut is a workbook with all sorts of cutting activities from cutting out shapes to wiggly lines to zig-zags and costs $7.99. It includes a pair of safety scissors which are entirely made of plastic so they will only cut paper. The scissors are appropriate for both left and right hands. Each page has cute pictures to go with the activity. For example, one page said, “Help Max, Alphie and friends hike over the mountains! Cut along the dotted lines.” The page consists of several cute animals  and Max the boy standing next to angled lines. There are five total lines to cut including a corner on each one. Another page has a variety of squiggles, zig zags, and straight lines with instructions to cut from Go to the Stop Sign. This is such a cute workbook, but  after about 3/4 of the book, the scissors didn’t work as well as they did when she started the book, but they still worked well enough to not cause frustration. photo
Strawberry loved all three books. She finished the math one in two afternoons, the adventures one in one afternoon, and spent a few days working on the cutting. I think her only regret is that I don’t have another book for her to do! Be sure to look at the other reviews. The Crew reviewed all levels of Fundanoodle books.
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  1. Thank for the thorough, wonderful review of Fundanoodle. I'm so glad she loved the workbooks and even finished one in one afternoon! Also, thank you for the feedback on the scissors! I'll be sure to pass that along to our team.