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The kids

The kids

Sunday, September 15, 2013

PeopleKeys Child’s Profile- Schoolhouse Review

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Back in college, I took psychology 101 and loved the portion on personality. I personally think looking at and analyzing personality is fun. When the opportunity to review products from People Keys was presented, I jumped at the chance. PeopleKeys offers many different types of assessments from career advice, adult assessments, to children’s assessments. Some are online and some are physical books.  photo peoplekeys-childrensprofile_zps4c217fc3.jpgI was offered the  Children's Profile, a 25 page profile designed to be given to children ages 9-13. The Children’s Profile costs $15 and is designed to be an introduction to personality. It is intended that the the parent goes through the assessment with the child to discuss and facilitate its use.

The Children’s Profile is presented step-by-step with clear instructions. The first step is to answer a short 20 question list of comparative questions like “I like to” followed by 4 possible answers. The idea is the child will select the answer that most feels like themselves. Step 2 involves created a graph of which category received the most responses followed by next and eventually the least responses. After graphing responses and determining the predominant personality type, the booklet contains more in-depth analysis of each personality type. Under each of the four personality types, there are 4 pages. The first is a bullet point profile of the style child, then how to communicate with that child including the interactions between that style and other style adults, how to interact positively, and finally a page to write down people you know who are a certain style personality. The last two pages include an action plan for getting along better with others.

Butterfly and I have very different personalities, so I decided to use it with Butterfly. We went through the assessment together. In the end, the assessment gave an idea of what one aspect of her personality was, but her graph was pretty skewed showing only 1 predominate style. It really wasn’t her, although parts were. There were some questions she answered polar opposite to how I have seen her behave. Later after asking all the questions, I asked her why she chose certain answers. In the end she chose them because she didn’t really understand the question or the answers. When we discussed all the personality aspects, she didn’t feel like the assessment really described her personality either.

Despite feeling that the bullet points analysis of Butterfly’s personality type were not extremely accurate, the portions regarding how to interact with that personality type child were helpful. For example, Butterfly’s type tends to not be concerned with time or structured. One of the suggestions was to make charts to allow the child to earn rewards. I don’t normally do this type of thing because it is not part of my personality, but I have seen how making charts and stickers and rewards help Butterfly accomplish things and desire to move forward.

After looking over the questions and the assessment, I think it can be helpful, but I do believe that 9 may be a bit too young for this assessment, especially since the questions were harder for Butterfly to understand. Butterfly did like talking about personality and deciding what personality type I am vs. her dad. She also enjoyed trying to pick out her siblings.

Later, because I was trying to determine if the questions would work with an older child, I asked Tiger the questions. Please note, this workbook is intended for 1 child as it is consumable. Tiger did not fill out the workbook nor did I copy it. I did make a note in the margins for analysis, but Butterfly had consumed the book. I noticed that the questions made more sense to him and he quickly flew through them. Just listening to his answers, I could see that the assessment demonstrated his personality type very effectively.  He later read through the booklet and laughed to see the advice to a child of his personality type. All the advice included in the book are all the things that B and I tell him ALL THE TIME!

PeopleKeys offered many different products to the crew, so be sure to check out the other reviews by clicking the banner below. Personality assessments are one way to help you understand your child better. Photobucket  photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif

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