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The kids

The kids

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Books- The Night Before Christmas

As much as I love books, I realized I was lacking a critical book- The Night Before Christmas! How could it be? I realized that despite all the stories we read together, I have not shared this classic poem with my children. I went on a hunt to find a beautifully illustrated edition of the poem to share this year for Christmas. On December 1, I let the children open their new book. The book I chose was one illustrated by Charles Santore. 

I like that the pictures have a classic feel. The only thing I don’t like about this book is the beautiful double page spread where the sleigh is about to come to the house because the pages fold out and are four pages wide. As a result, the book becomes hard to hold, but the picture is so beautiful!

We have other books we read every year like The Littlest Angel and A Christmas Carol as well as a binder of stories we read each night. Little One was trying to open the advent story binder a few nights ago. December 2013 148

What is your favorite Christmas book? Find out what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members read at Christmas by clicking the button below (link live on December 18). 

Christmas Books

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