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The kids

The kids

Monday, December 9, 2013

Playing Dominion

Just because a game says 10+ doesn’t mean it needs to be excluded from the family game culture. It might even be fun to play it with the younger children.

We love Dominion in our home. Pumpkin Pie has been playing since before she could read. I don’t know how she could play, but she was a fierce competitor even before she could read! Now she reads and is even worse. She is the fiercest Dominion competition I have met!
IMG_2460  IMG_2462 IMG_2465IMG_2463

Just look at her scheming and joyfully playing card after card and crushing her competition! :) BTW, she once TRASHED a Province (worth 6 points) and was able to gain TWO provinces by doing so!

Then there is the wild card- Strawberry. Usually she plays on a team, but since it was B, Pumpkin Pie, and myself, Strawberry got her own hand. B helped her read and play, but she made all the decisions. She did odd things here and there but brought laughter and pure joy to the game.
IMG_2461IMG_2464  IMG_2456 IMG_2457
“I am going to buy a Thief!”
On the next turn she says, “I have a thief! I am going to thief you!” and then she stole my copper and let me keep my silver. Thank you benevolent thief!

Granted, an adult has to look over Strawberry’s shoulder and read to her and explain options, but she is surprisingly capable of playing. She has so much fun being able to play with the big kids/ adults. Games are, after all, for building relationships.

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