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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tiger's Report

Ok, so this is a report of Tiger's fundraising project. Thank You to everybody who doanted or plans to, and think you to everybody who supported me in this project. Her is the report:

I made a total of $95! 50 came from a friend and my aunt donating in my name, 15 came from my mom donating the cost of her lunch on Friday(I have a Lunch Business at our Homeschool co-op, and i am giving her lunch at no profit to me this week.), and $30 came from my gift wrapping Business.
  a) My project didn’t go very well at first, because the gift wrapping never really caught on, and I only had one customer. But things got better when i asked for donations, and I almost doubled my personal goal, because I wanted to get $50, and raised 95. I think that in the end, it was really rewarding to have the experience to look at the website and see that we multiplied the school goal by 3.5 times than it originally was. I tell you, it was truly amazing to be looking at this monitor at 7 pm yesterday, and see REALLY big numbers on the screen. That was seriously a sight to look at.
         b) This experience changed me, because I never thought about things in this way before. It really made me Feel how horrible it would be to have to go get water, early in the morning, risk being late for school, and having to do it for your whole life, when Mrs. Maucotel told the story of what it would be like. And to think that we changed the lives of almost 50 families, when we are only a small private online school, is really cool to think about. That is why this experience changed me.

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