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The kids

The kids

Monday, May 14, 2012

1st Day of Hands On Science- Colored Carnations

The TOS Crew decided to tackle the task of 5 Days of...Blog Hop. We each picked a different topic and will be posting daily on our topic of choice. Mine is hands on science. Why science? Because my children love it. They love to experiment. They love to play with materials and discover how the earth works. I love science because it draws me closer to the Lord. Every time I study science, I am in awe at God's hand in all things and how divine and perfectly he created the earth. We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place with these amazing bodies and all that is around us.

 (To the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)
On the first day of science my children came to me... with some flowers and colored  water ...

Many people did the age-old white carnations (or celery) in colored water when they were children. While this might be an old science experiment, it is a good one. It demonstrates how water is taken up by the plant all the way up the stem into the petals.
I bought a bunch of white carnations for a few dollars at the grocery store and each child chose a different color to put in their water. Tiger decided on two colors.

Here is a picture of the flowers in water...

Here is a picture of the flowers after 2 days...

Sadly the purple that Strawberry chose didn't work. Purple is my favorite color and I wish it had worked!

Yellow worked pretty well and even the pale yellow (5 drops or so in the water) had a small amount of coloring of the petals.

Tiger chose to do green and blue.
Butterfly and Pumpkin Pie each wanted yellow and I did red.
A Little red starting to peak out on the edge of the petals

Sorry for the bad lighting, but this is the best one for seeing the little blue on the right side and green on the left
And a few more pictures after a few more days. I did have to cut all the stems shorter because it was taking a very long time for the color to get up the flower stems. Next time we will start with 8 inch stems or shorter!

Even the sepals are changing colors.

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  1. Those classic experiments are the best! I need to do this one with my three. So simple, but such a rewarding result.

  2. This is one of my favorites! I should do it again with my youngest!

  3. That's a great experiment - we did it last year and it was so fun!

  4. Love this experiment! I was a little disappointed with the color change on carnations, but had better success with celery and Queen Anne's Lace (which is abundant in our yard late summer, sadly).

  5. Thank you Jane for adding your experience. I look forward to doing this one again with my kids. I really hope we can get the purple to work next time!

  6. This may be an old experiment but the reminder came at just the right time for me as we are working on reports for plants. This will be a fun hands on element to add to that study!