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And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith. D&C 88:118

The kids

The kids

Friday, January 17, 2014

I am going to be scarce…

It is January and most homeschoolers I know see January as a doldrums month- a month where it is grey and cold outside and it is hard to feel motivated to plan exciting things. It seems like Christmas wasn’t long enough and the cold and dark won’t go away… by the end of January life seems to return to normal though.

This year, January has given me barely any breathing room to feel the January slump. First, someone’s bright idea was to start co-op the first Friday after New Year’s. Woops. That was a bad idea. Several people were still out of town and several of the coordinators didn’t even realize that co-op was starting on the 3rd until the day or two before! <Raising hand> Yup, I was one of them.

Add to that, our love of learning age classes run on a 6 week rotation. As a result of the way the schedule shook out this year, instead of taking two terms to plan, rehearse, and perform a play, we are doing it in 6 weeks! Granted, I did insist on 2 hours per class instead of the usual 1 hour class. So, I am directing our co-op school play. I have an amazing assistant director, set designer, prop manager, stagehands, music director, and parent assistants to help me pull this off, and excited kids, but we did bite off quite a bit. The next 4 weeks will have my brain swimming with lines, blocking, set and prop adjustments, lighting and sound thoughts- oh yeah, I forgot to spend some time searching for royalty free sound files for sound effects this week. Add that to this week’s list!- back to the blog…

Then there is sweet Little One. He is WALKING! At 9.5 months he began walking and on his 10 month birthday he figured out how to stand up without holding onto something. Silly boy tries to run across the room and frequently trips and sprawls. He keeps falling into the drawers and bookshelves. Poor little guy has several bruises and a knot on his forehead from his adventures in walking. He is so busy and constantly ripping things off shelves and out of cabinets. Good thing I have put toys in bins with snapping lids!

Last but most definitely not least, I am in the process of doing a major house purge. I am putting toys in a cabinet in bins and creating a schedule of accessible time and routines with the children to help keep my house more orderly and free of clutter. This cabinets make me smile every time I open them! Puzzles, dress-ups, yarn, art supplies, all contained!photophoto

Add in regular learning time with the girls while Little One is refusing to take a nap, leaves me with a minimal amount of time to update the blog. I will do my best. In the meantime, I was unpacking the produce box the other day and Little One decided to attempt a snack… with only 2 teeth on the bottom, he didn’t make much progress!


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