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The kids

The kids

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thermal Cooker Applesauce

I had about 10 pounds of last fall’s apples still in my garage, so I made some applesauce. Yum!

The first day I tried it in the thermal cooker, I did it as a topping for steal cut oats. Then I made a bit pot of applesauce the next day. Neither lasted longer than the day.

Roughly chop apples. I used Gala, Cameo, and Jonathan apples. Whatever you have works great. Add in some orange juice- for about 6 cups of apples, I used the juice of one large orange. I also used about 1/3 cup water. IMG_1014

Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired. IMG_1016

Place on the stove with a lid and bring to a boil. Stir several times to bring the apples from the bottom to the top and insure that all the apples are nice and hot. Ordinarily in thermal cooking you cover the food in water or liquid and boil, but with applesauce, I didn’t cover it. I just made sure that it all got to boiling temperature. This means it had to cook on the stove longer than normal, but I didn’t cook it as long as I do to make applesauce. Place in the thermal cooker and let continue to cook for several hours. The apples were nice and tender. I could easily squish them with the back of a spoon. Delicious!IMG_1022

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