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The kids

The kids

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To Feed an Army or The Magic Rice Pot

I love the rice from my thermal cooker- light and fluffy! It doesn’t stick together like boiled rice but fluffs like steamed white rice from a restaurant. photo

On Sunday I planned to serve taco salad for dinner right after church. I didn’t want to have to come home and make rice, so I did it in the thermal cooker. I figured if I made a large batch, I could  portion some out for lunches for my husband. Another reason for cooking a large batch is air is the enemy of the thermal cooker- the more air the cooker has in the pot, the less efficient it is.

Saratoga Jacks recommends 5 cups of rice and 8 cups of water for the bottom and then something in the top pot or 2.5 cups rice and 4 cups water in the top pot and something else in the bottom. Because I didn’t have anything in the top, I added another portion of rice to the bottom pot. I cooked 7.5 c rice and 12 c water. It was enough to feed my family of 7 for dinner and only 1/4 of the pot was used!… then B scooped out enough for 3 lunches. The pot was still half full! After that, I scooped a bunch out on 2 large cutting boards (think cookie sheets) and froze it in an thin layer. This rice I broke into pieces into Ziploc bags for future quick meals. Leftover was still another quart of rice!

Ordinarily my family could eat 3 cups of dry rice in a meal but by steaming it in the thermal cooker it went much further. As I scooped out more and more and more rice, I kept thinking about the Magic Porridge pot story… In this case it was time to tell the cooker to “Stop little pot stop!”

I wish I had a picture after the dinner was served and 3 lunch portions scooped out- I took one but it got deleted :(

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